Views of Leadership Paper


The next step in scholarly reading and writing is critical evaluation, which is to apply a specific lens, context, or criteria to reach reasoned judgments and articulate clear claims based on credible evidence. Evaluation is shaped by the topic, the audience, and the lens. In reading about leadership, you can evaluate recommended leadership models in terms of their application to specific contexts and goals. Evaluation is a combination of drawing on available elements and using critical thinking to reach conclusions. In evaluating leadership, you might look at who will use the model, why they would use the model, and what the goals might be. After evaluation, synthesis can be developed, which will be displayed in your Week 7 presentation. Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper critically evaluating contemporary views of leadership based on the analytical matrix you completed in Weeks 5. Include the following in your paper: Review the commonalities and disparities of three contemporary views of leadership based on your critical analysis. Select a specific context or criterion to evaluate contemporary leadership theories or views, including alternative and conflicting perspectives. Describe the conclusions you drew from the critical evaluation, using well-reasoned judgments. Use references to support the criteria, assumptions, or context of your evaluation.

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