Rhode Island HEALTH Web Data Query


Using the Internet, research and read the article, “Rhode Island HEALTH Web Data Query System: Death Certificate Module”(Gjelsvik & Monteiro, 2009).

Reference: Gjelsvik, A., & Monteiro, K. (2009). Rhode Island HEALTH web data query system: Death certificate module. Health by Numbers, 92(1), 32-33. Based on your reading, create a 5 page document in Microsoft Word, which includes the answers to the following questions: • What is the “Rhode Island HEALTH Web Data Query System: Death Certificate Module?” Briefly describe the system’s purpose and how it came about. • Which organizations are involved in its governance? Provide a list and description of each organization. • What information can be found using this system? What are the advantages and limitations, if any, to the information that is available? • How is the information collected, managed, and retrieved? • What are the technological components or services that this system relies on? Why? Conduct a query using one of the programs on this site. Describe your query and then provide the results you obtained using this system. Support your responses with examples. Cite any sources in APA format.

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