We hope you’ve enjoyed your experiences in English Composition II. Even more importantly, we hope you’ve gained a few things along the way. Reflecting on what we’ve learned is a great way to begin to make sense of it and to see how we can use it in the future. You are welcome to discuss whatever you feel would be relevant to the course in this forum (Netiquette rules still apply, of course). The following questions may give you some ideas about how to get started.


Go to the resources tab and use the EBSCO host link to search for the following articles: •Dillard, R. W. (1999). Forgetting the end of the world. Virginia Quarterly Review, 75(4), 649.

Respond 1.Even if you’re still not sold on writing (we hope you had a good experience here), what are some ways that you can use the things we went over in class to examine how you learn and to determine what might pique your curiosity? 2.If you could go back in time and tell yourself one thing that would have helped make this course easier or more enjoyable for you, what would it be? (we ask that you be positive here) 3.In the short time we have had together, we didn’t have a chance to cover everything there is to know about writing. What else do you feel you need to know in order to continue developing your skills?

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