population density


Population DensityUnlike other species, human reaction to population density is mediated byattitudes and cultural definitions about how many are too many. A densepopulation is one thing in a culturally homogenous city where few are poor, andthere is a culture of civility (like Amsterdam). But a dense population is quiteanother thing where many are poor, culturally dissimilar, and there is a weak culture of civility. What do you think the American experience of growingpopulations will be? On a small scale, think of the times when you have lived in adense environment with others (for example, a shared apartment, collegedormitory or military base). How would you describe that experience? What kindsof special rules emerged to deal with problems of crowding? Not all rules dealwith population density problems, but many do. In American cities, how dowealthy people deal with problems of urban crowding and congestion? This papershould be two page

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