Review the feedback you received from your instructor for the Policy Development Draft. Make the necessary changes to your work, and resubmit the final Policy Development. Law Enforcement Organizations are facing a tremendous problem with social media. On one hand, social media such as Facebook, My Space, and Twitter can be extremely useful for effective and efficient communication. On the other hand, Law Enforcement Executives are constantly facing situations in which employee misconduct is occurring through social media. Police Officers are accessing social media from their workstations and patrol cars during their shifts. Police Officers are posting information that is unbecoming for an officer as well as degrading and disrespectful to the profession. Police Unions and Police Officer Organizations such as the Fraternal Order of Police and the PBA are opposed to departmental policies that infringe on police officers’ constitutional rights. How do law enforcement organizations regulate the use of social media? Just about every major law enforcement organization has a Facebook account associated with the organization’s website. Therefore, should law enforcement organizations regulate individual officer’s social media activity? As the policy manager for your law enforcement organization, please research the best practices related to the regulation of police officers use of social media and develop a department policy. This research should include interviews with your local law enforcement leaders to determine how they are addressing this issue. In addition, please read the “Social Media” study conducted by the International Association of Chiefs of Police; it can be found in the Reading & Study folder of Module/Week 8. You must have at least 5 pages not including your title page. The Policy Development: Final is to be submitted by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Friday of Module/Week 8.

policy draft example provided Please use the following as an example


This is the exact same rubric converted to percentages rather than points.

Content: Key points answered, Logical flow, Major points clear = 56% Support: Lecture materials/scripture, Examples, Analysis = 20% Writing Mechanics & APA = 13% Length & Paper Format (Title page/Abstract desired) = 11%

I think that in general, you identified Issues associated with social media and furthermore, some best practices. Your policy is developing but it is not written in a policy format. The words and verbiage is not appropriate for a policy format either. In general, your paper Needs better organization. The entire policy needs to be reworked. Your paper needs quite a bit of editing so focus on this as well.

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