ocean currents,plate boundaries and gracial landscapes


Short Report Instructions Selection of Topic Choose 1 of the following topics or processes for your short report: Deep-sea Trenches Subduction Zones Transform Plate Boundaries Divergent Plate Boundaries Mantle Convection The Water Cycle The Rock Cycle Liquifaction Glacial Landscapes Earthquakes Tides Ocean Gyres Monsoons Hurricanes Tornadoes

Content In general, your paper must contain an introductory paragraph, the body of your work, and a conclusion. In terms of the body, the following items must be discussed: General overview of the topic or process. Be sure to describe the process, phenomenon, or geologic feature thoroughly. As applicable, answer these types of questions: How does it work? What causes it? How does/did it form? What are the components/elements that make it up? The methods and tools used by scientists to study/investigate your topic/process. Any new discoveries scientists have made in relation to your topic/process. This may require some “digging” in your research. However, this is an important element of your paper. Please do not skip it or conclude that no new discoveries have been made. Any unanswered questions related to your topic/process. That is, what would scientists still like to know about your topic/process? What have they been unable to answer to date? No topic/process in earth science is completely understood. There are always unanswered questions. Be sure to identify some of these in your report.


Use the following outline when writing your paper. Each point on the below outline must be a separate section (with a section heading) within your paper. You will notice that these section headings correspond to the content points above. Introduction General Overview Methods of Study and Tools Used New Discoveries Unanswered Questions Conclusion

Length This paper is to be 3–4 pages. Do not exceed this page limit. The title page and bibliography do not count toward this page total.

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