hotel sustainability plan


This paper should working on the sustainability use in hotel industry, and please refer to the 2 example papers that i gave to you.

1. What is a preventive maintenance program?

(For this question introduce the sustainability plan in the hotel industry such as GO GREEN which many hotels have started.)

a. Explain how the sustainability plan can change the way we do maintenance?

b. What are the key advantages of a go green plan and how will it impact our bottom line?

(key advantages of a sustainability plan such as“reuse-reuse-recycle”. The bottom line is to save money.)

2. What is require of us to implement a sustainability plan? In other words, what do we need to do as a

hotel to get our program started?

a. Where do you recommend we start? What is the most efficient, effective, and visible way to

begin a PM program? Explain your reasoning.

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